Gameplay Programmer

KFC Kids Bucket

Genre AR Minigames
Year 2018
Platform Android / iOS
Tools used Unity
Development time 3 months
Team size 7 person
Role Main Programmer
Play Play

KFC Kids Bucket is a series of minigames made to promote the visit of KFC locations. These use the child focused bucket 'Kids Bucket' to generate a variety of AR interactions

Programmed five different customizable minigame templates for the use in the two targeted themes (Past and Future). Most of the gameplay elements can be modified easily to adjust each game behaviour. The five programmed minigames where:

A trivia based minigame where players must choose the correct answer from the ones that appear on screen

An obstacle avoiding minigame, where players must change the direction of their ship/spaceship in order to avoid obstacles within a time limit

A precision tapping minigame, where players must tap the obstacles on the screen in order to don't let them reach a protected area

A fast tapping minigame, where players must mash a button as fast as they can in order to fill a progress bar within a time limit

A timing tapping minigame where players must tap the screen as an indicator shows so.

Programmed three AR experiences and a small dress-up section. Two of the AR experiences are minigames where players must scan the seasonal kids bucket.

In the first one, the players must look around the bucket and find the hidden objects within.

After all objects are found, the second minigame pops up showing an empty christmas tree with blank spaces. Players must pick up the decorations that have been launched and place them in their correct position.

The other AR experience is an image-finding game where players must search in the establishment for the printed images in order to unlock items for the dress-up section.

Programmed a tamagochi-like system, three minigames and an AR pet interaction section.

The game consist in having interactions with virtual monsters, where in the AR section players can pet them and see different reactions while having the target bucket on someone elses head.

Each monster has it's own statuses (Food, Hygiene, Fun) that change over time and players need to play minigames in order to restore them or find and scan special images within the establishment in order to attain an special boost for each status.

The minigames developed where: A feeding minigame where players must tilt the phone in order to let the monster's head reach the falling chicken pieces, an hygiene minigame where players must aim a stream of water to the monster in order to make him take a bath and a fun minigame where the monster bounces with walls in order to collect the points that spawn over the stage.